Bali Police Escort

Now you can travel in a VIP police escorted convoy. It halves the journey time.  We arrange police outrider escorts in Bali and other Asian cities for airport transfers or around the hotel as directed.  It is licensed and is official and is for foreign VIPs and CIPs only, and is exciting, safe, status enhancing & very practical. 
  • journey time in normal traffic is halved, you catch your flight, and make more meetings
  • highly trained riders are used - they normally escort Ministers and visiting Heads of State
  • you are waived through all junctions & can take special routes, turns and short cuts
  • for security and safety,  normal cars are stopped from tailgating and following you
  • police will accompany car into hotel or office lobby and will be on station when you leave
  • your car may park and wait in the VIP hotel / office and Airport parking bays