Business Class Lounge

Business Class Lounge. (Rp.125.000- / person)

 Lounge Facilities
 1.Shower with hot & cold running water
 4.Business Class Center with internet access
 6.Wi-Fi connection
 7.Public phone with access to use phone card or AT & T calling card
 8.Smoking & Non smoking area
 9.Money Changer
 10.Moslem praying room

 Reading Material
 1.Herald Tribun
 2.Destination Asia
 4.The Jakarta Post

 Staff on Duty

 Number and general Qualification
 English speaking
 Japanese speaking

 Lounge Menu
 1. Assorted fresh salad with dressing
 2. kind of hot meal
 3.Vegetables Soup
 4. Special from the chef
 5. Bread and butter
 6. Mie Goreng
 7.Nasi Goreng

 Coffee & Tea
 Milk & Creamer

 Choice Of Juice
 1. Orange Juice
 2. Tomato Juice
 3. Guava Juice
 4. Pineaplle Juice

 1.Fresh Fruit Slice
 2.Assorted Sandwich Mini Onion Roll with cooked beef
 3.Lavash with smoked chicken mayonnaise & cucumber
 4.Mini Croissant with mixed cheese
 5.Whole wheat bread sliced with egg mayonnaise
 6.Hanshen Sushi

 Hot Snack
 1.Chicken Wing with sauce
 2.Mini Pastel Chicken
 3.Mini Smoked Chicken

 1.Chocolate Swiss Roll
 2.Lemon Maringue Tart

 Assorted Sushi
 1.Mini California Roll
 2.Mini Futomaki Roll
 3.Mini Uramaki Sushi

 Assorted Canape
 1.Smoked Chichen fruit Skewer
 2.Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese In Puff Pastry
 3.Prawn With Lemon Brown Bread
 4.Beef Roll With Pepper

 Alcoholic Drink Available With Mixed At The Bar
 1.Dry Gin Beefater
 2.Chivas Regal
 3.J.W Black Lable
 4.J.W Red Lable
 6.Vodka Smirnoff
 7.Myers Rum
 8.Martini Dry
 9.Martini Bianco
 10.Martini Rose
 12.Tia Maria
 14.Dom Benedictine